Walk Like A Beaver Talk Like a Scottsmans

So the last couple of days I have been working on getting my character down for the play. As Mr. Beaver is a beaver I walk like a beaver. With the hip motion and rolling of shoulders. My wife(Mrs. Beaver) has also taken up this walk and together we take on the stance of the all mighty Beaver. For my voice I decided to go deep and scruffy, the director said it sounded like a scottsman. Mrs. Beaver went with the more calmer and motherly voice that one would see in most talking female animals. The Beavers have yet to see their costumes but the ones we have seen so fare are pretty awsome. We draw closer to opening night and we our just getting all the kinks worked out. The Battle scene has been the most diffiuclt(We spend most of our time on it) With so many people ontstage it tends to get a little crazy. During that scene I get to fight the Bull where she then stabs me with her horn and I am terribly wounded. It has been a good expierience to become a beaver thats pretty much all I can say!


Pictures over the Years.

Look Dad Was only 38
I was in 7th Grade and Tasha Junior
The Cousin Week that started the Great Apple War.

Camping on Cedar Mountain , Water Baseball

Trace as a Baby! Alyse with Braces

Niesha in Kanab.

Stage Fighting

Today we had a class on Stage Fighting. It was the best class ever. I think that I am going to quite school and become a swordsman. In the class we learned all the stuff we needed for the big battle scene at the end of the play. We learned the all to familure stage slap(as seen in all cousin week videos), The fake knee to the groin manuvre, to break some ones neck, also their spine, slice someones hamstring, cut out thier guts, fake punch, cutting someones neck in the front or back, faking a death, and the best of all elbowing the back of thier heads when slouched over from a groin kick. All in all I would call it productive day! The guy that tought us was a proffesional who did the fighting stuff from, many shakespear plays and other plays. He was really good at it. Although am not sure if I actually get to fight I learned alot. Sword Fighting is so awsome!

Of Beavers and Humans

The Play has been going good so far. Everyone is really good and we are having lots of fun. Tonight I had practice and we worked on a scene where the Beavers are talking to the Humans(Petet, Edmund, Lucy, Susan) in their home. We worked on developing our characters more, and creating realationships between each character. I have decided on a walk where my feet our pointed outward and and rock from side to side( or a wobble if you will) and I changed my voice to a deeper scruffy one. There is lots of good talent in this play. The lady who plays the White Witch is extremly good at it. Its coming together nicely and we only have a month to go. We havent been able to practice in the theatre, but we are working at a middle school in the band room. Its not the same but it works. Tomorrow I have practice and then on Saturday we have practice for the big battle scene. I am having a good time and will kept an update on it.

Sorry about the no posting in awhile I’ve been busy as practice and school takes up most of my time.