Ipod or NOpod

So recentyly I have been having problems with the Ipod, on the screen there is something and it blurs the picture. So I called the Apple support center( a good 10 minute wait) the guy was very helpfull, he had me delete everything off of it to see if that helped.(it didn’t) So He said he was going to send me a box that I could send the Ipod to them and get it fixed. One thing that can’t be fixed is the fact that what ever they made it out of scratches like the dickens. I cleaned it with one of the micro-fiber sunglass cleaning things and it scrathced it. The material is supposidly more durriable in case you drop it. Its called Polycarbonite or something scientific. I say go back to non-scratching material and let the Ipod break when you drop it. I mean one little scratch and you cant make out the image on the screen. I am sure the problem with mine was not a scratch but a deffect in the LCD screen, one of the most important features of the Video Ipod. One more thing that kinda sucks is that the Ipod allows for video, but you cant put your DVD’s onto it. But after thats all done with and I get my Ipod fixed, I will have it in a goo 4 weeks. Four weeks because the back is engraved. If it is not engraved 5-10 days. Also the call I made was free for the one call after that, $49.95 per call. Apple your being called out!


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