Rain, Rain, Rain, Rain, SNOW!

So for the past couple of weeks it has done nothing but rain. Staying just over the freezing point at either 35-42, then last night it snowed about 4 inches. The odd thing is that, I was up at 2 or 3 in the morning reading because I could not sleep. During that time I could here rain falling on the roof. Then at 8:30 in the morning Father opend the window and there was 4 inches of snow. I would really like to see the weather take sides. I mean it should either be warm and sunny, and cold and snowy. The rain has caused a considerable amount of wetness in the backyard. The lawn has now become one giant sponge. The ground is so wet that it can no longer contain the water. There are huge puddles on the lawn that are like 2 feet deep, but know they are frozen over and it snowd on them. Enough about the weather. So as you know or might not know, my finals are drawing nearer. With a final in everyclass it makes it considerable hard to concentrate on one thing. For the Spanish test we have 250 multiple choice questions, 150 vocab words that we have to translate either from spanish to english, or english to spanish. For Math, 200 question test, Biology, 267 mulitple, fill-in-the blank, and summary questions on about 12 chapters which cover evrything from cell structure and cell function to the ecology side of biology which involves naming all climates and biomes of the world. Then we have English, since 10th grade english seems to be a review of all 9th grade material, the teacher will not tell us whats on the test, she is not even reviewing, a mistake on her part. Next is my computer class, we have to make a 20 minute Power Point Presentation, present it to the class, and use what we had learned that year.which is nothing) Then there is Seminary, no one has discussed any sort of test or final so I am not sure. On a more none serious matter, Farley the Damn Dog and Etnie the Dog with an Attitude. Farley listens to me great and comes when called. We are now in the care of Etnie, Tasha;s dog. She will not listen to me or do one thing ask. She goes barking down the street and wont shut up at night, I have to say she is the only dog I hate and I am sure she hates me.(since she runs away from me) Farley is great as ever, although the winter has been rough on him, the constant rain, and temperature drops. I fell like he should be and inside dog just for one day. Well I am sure this blog was not as excitng as others but its all I had to write!

These are my Favorite Movie Lines!

“I sell car parts for the Amercian working man, because thats who I am and thats who I care about”-Wayn Zallensky-Tommy Boy

“We are the knights who say “KNI” you must bring us a shrubery”-Monty Phytons and the Holy Grail.

“Do you want to go back to where you came from; Unemployed in GREELAND!”- The Princess Bride.

“Hey stevo I was just blow drying my hair wasnt sure if you called okay see yah”- The cable Guy

” I hear name this fork Pits Burg Nelly”-Almost Heroes

“My name is Maximus Desimus Meridius, father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife, I will get my vengence in this life or the next”-Gladiator

“I thought the rockies would be little more rockier, that John Denvers full of crap man.”- Dumb and Dumber.

” I hear your not using you paper for writing but for rolling dobies, Well you can do alot of dobie rolling when your living in a van down by the river”-Saturday Night Live Sketch-Motivation Speaker

“Watch out the Yellow ones dont stop”-Elf

“I am a rebel a rebel without a cause”- A Rebel without a Cause

“You got me straight trippen boo”-Bringing down the House

“I give you KONG!”- Peter Jacksons KING KONG

” I am Captain Jack Sparrow”- Pirates of the Caribbean.

I will post more in the futre!


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