The 145th Post

We have reached a landmark time! This is my 145th Post on Boo and Farley Speak Their Minds. We have covered a lot, and told a lot of stories. The daily Dogisms made their debut. For this joyfull time I have decided to write a normal blog, make as little a deal of this as I can.

Acting classes have started up again, after the long and fun holiday season. Last night we covered the subtexts of plays and developed more about our scenes that we had been appointed the last class. I am working with a girl by the name of Arin Anders, she was in the play that I did with me, and are good friends. We our working on a scene from The Rainmaker, I play Starbuck, and she plays Lizzie. We performed our scene for the instructors who evaluated us at the end, the only thing they could say was, “Very Good, but don’t stand so fare back towards the wall” We did great! With the right amount of emotion and staging it was all in all a great scene. I will be auditioning for another play on the 31st and 1st; The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrob. I also got news of a Renasance Fair that will be put on by my school. I am going to audition for that as well. There will be a dinner where people come and eat like its a royal feast. Then a show will be put on and games and stuff. I am not sure how it will work our but it should be fun. I did not try out for the School play, it was a Midsummers Night Dream, but I was sick that day. Anyway the teacher made it so it was the 80’s or something so it sounded stupid anyway. School is good and life is good so be good everybody.

This concludes are broadcast day! (Click)


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