Something ot Think about!

Red is Red but Blue is not Red.

A calf is a baby cow, a colt is a baby horse, a kid is a baby goat and a baby human.

Computers only do as they are told.

No man is strong enough to lift 1 ton.

Cowboys and Indians did some times get along.

What do trees think of axes?

Where do monkeys go when they die?

Do wolfs think that the big bad wolf is stereotypical?

If you dont see something happening then did it really happen.

If the moon was made of cheese then the earth would be made of milk.

Dirt is basicly hot choclate mix but dirt.

No one has ever seen a big foot but does that meen he doesnt live in western Virgina?

Where the water melon grows back to my home is really just a silly song.

Are chipmunks and squirrels friends?

After world war 3 in the year 10000 Canada and Germany will be part of puerto rico and Japan and China will become the worlds producer of fine harmonicas.

Russia is one of the largest countries but there is no political stability.

King Kong once lived, but he was only 5 ft heigh and lived in cuba.

Hollywood Movie Producers have developed a plan to brain wash americas gold fish so that in the next 25 years, every gold fish bought will die in one day.

In 1919 the world was at war with another world.

Kramer from Seinfield was really a disturbed african gazzel with a bad hair do.

The musical Les Miserables was once considered the best musical of all time, know that reputation has been given to the Phantom of the Opera.

Bill Gates is a billionare.

Most people spend seventy percent of there lifes pondering about life.

The character called Zazu from Disneys The Lion King was really one of the first founding fathers of the first modeling buisness.

Think about it, your life will never be the same.


One thought on “Something ot Think about!”

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