Tis the Season of Holy and Jolly- Another Christmas come and gone!

This is the Story of a Hayden, Idaho Chirstmas

On Christmas Eve the house was all snug, the Christmas tree up and lite with its lights. The tree matched the couches who couldve guessed.

Two little children opened each one present and two their delight, PJ’s excite. With a scimper and a scamper they run off to change, and with skip and a hop out comes the children sweet as can be.

The abundance of presents under the tree caught eye of all and they shouted in glee!

“An Ipod for me It couldn’t Be”

More presents opened and time flew on by the presents included(too the tune of 12 days of christmas)on the first day of christmas my true love gave to me; one robe in a plastic bag, two ipods, three magnet sets, four sets of clothes and , five pairs of socks, six pieces of candy, seven DVD’s, eights board games, nine dog toys, 10 dollars that some one will get after they return a shirt, 11 parts and pices of who nows what, and 12 things that I can’t remeber.

Then with a sigh of relief and the presents where hauled to the rooms, everyone stopped and thought to themselves , “What a great chirstmas too bad it only comes once every month”

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year- From Boo and Farley the Damn Dog!


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