The Other Wiseman

So in Seminary today we watched a movie. Intitled The Other Wiseman. It was told to our class that almost every single person that has ever attended Seminary in the last 25-30 years has seen this movie. You maly call it a Seminary pop culture fact if you would like to do so know…………………………………………….And tomorrow we watch Mr. Kruggers Christmas not sure what its about but I will tell you. We where supposed to watch it with the Missionaries who dropped by Wednesday. But tonight I have Acting class so I will not be able to atteeeeeeend. You may notice the accent in attend it is added for better pronuciation of the word. You may also notice the way I use atend in describing ateeeeend. You may also notice that I have to much time on my hands. You may ask why am writing like this the answer is……………….I am extremly bored! Well not much more in Idaho. The snow is still here. It hasnt go above 32 in three weeks so we got that going for us. Although the temperature has alowed for one Farley Farkington the Third a.k.a- Farley the Damn Dog, to sleep inside with me. If none of you know Farley is an outside dog and doesn’t get the freedom to come inside very much. School is ok. For some reson we have two days of school this week, Just Monday and Tuesday. And then Christmas break till January 2nd. I gave my devotional in Seminary today. It was Alma Chapter Seven Verses ten through twelve(Alma 7: 10-12) It speaks of Christ being born. My message was during the Christmas season always remeber Christ and what he has done for us. Never forget the Christ-in Christ-mas. Also don’t forget the Santa-in-mas. I wish all of you folks a great Christmas season and as not to affend anyone I will do as our school does. Happy Hoildays, because We can’t metion Christmas inside the school walls. Have a Merry Christmas Everyone.


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