Attack of the Books

I have recently read some good books. Death in Grizzly Maze-The Timothy Treadwell Story, and Tuesdays with Morie. Lets start with Morrie. A required reading for the 10th grade in the state of Idaho. Morrie deals with the life of an old man with ALS. In his finaly months alive he teaches a man by the name of Mitch his view of life. Great book if your in the mood for simple in the fact that the writing is 5th grade level, but very deep in the sense that it focuses on what is important to people and not to others. I give this book a Eight and One Half out of Ten. Death in Grizzly Maze-The Timothy Treadwell Story. What better way to spend your time than sitting in a Grizzly Bear bed and having the Bear no more thatn 10ft away. This was the life for Timothy Treadwell. He believed that the bears understood him and that they thought of him as an equal. But that all ended one cold Alaskan night when Timothy Treadwell and his Girlfriend(Amie) were torn from there tents and eaten alive by a giant Alaskan Grizzly Bear. Althought most of the book covers the fact that Timothy was a complete moron, it is great in the sense that it shows what sort of person Timothy really was. A drug adict in his younger days. Timothy droped the habbit and turned to Grizzly bears. An okay read if your in the mood for a life lesson sort of story(A.K.A. Dont mess with Grizzly Bears) full of interviews with close friends and associates the book at times is dull but its worth a try. I give this book a Seven out of Ten.

So Go ahead and try them for youselfs, Everybody has there own opinions so in the words of Reading Rainbow, “Don’t take my Word for it read it yourself.”


One thought on “Attack of the Books”

  1. Dear Boo,I have read Tuesdays with Morrie and I liked it. It gave an interesting look at an intellectual who was dying and his young friend. I thought from a non-LDS man it gave a different perspective of life. I think it would be good for everyone to read it. I don’t about your second book, because I haven’t read it but I know their story from the headline news. They were indeed playing with fire and it backfired. Very sad. I love your blog and your interspective lookat life through a teen-agers eyes. I love you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!Grandma Larsen

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