Tis the Season of Holy and Jolly- Another Christmas come and gone!

This is the Story of a Hayden, Idaho Chirstmas

On Christmas Eve the house was all snug, the Christmas tree up and lite with its lights. The tree matched the couches who couldve guessed.

Two little children opened each one present and two their delight, PJ’s excite. With a scimper and a scamper they run off to change, and with skip and a hop out comes the children sweet as can be.

The abundance of presents under the tree caught eye of all and they shouted in glee!

“An Ipod for me It couldn’t Be”

More presents opened and time flew on by the presents included(too the tune of 12 days of christmas)on the first day of christmas my true love gave to me; one robe in a plastic bag, two ipods, three magnet sets, four sets of clothes and , five pairs of socks, six pieces of candy, seven DVD’s, eights board games, nine dog toys, 10 dollars that some one will get after they return a shirt, 11 parts and pices of who nows what, and 12 things that I can’t remeber.

Then with a sigh of relief and the presents where hauled to the rooms, everyone stopped and thought to themselves , “What a great chirstmas too bad it only comes once every month”

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year- From Boo and Farley the Damn Dog!


Dog Day’s

Farley has been good latley. He sleeps in my room sometimes when it gets really cold. Sense it has been getting around zero the last couple of weeks. I plan on having him in my room for the rest of the winter. I got him his christmas present, it is a bag of treats and toys from Costco for 20 bucks. Not a bad deal! So my last day of school for this year is tomorrow.(only for 2005 I have school in 2006 which is a shame) I am having fun at my Drama clases am learing a-lot and meeting new people so its great. Speaking of Drama. The Lake City Playhouse christmas party was last night. We went and ate a potluck dinner and then voted for diffrent things like; best actor, best set, and so on. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow the one I was in got best set. Then we had a white elephant gift exchange. This one lady opened her gift and it was a piece of paper, a broken flip-flop, and and expired gift certificate to Staples. She was steaming mad. She went over to the garbage and chucked it away. All the stuff was pretty nice, she had brought a nice throw blanket. Then this other girl opened one and it had the other broken flip flop and a box of milk-duds with one milk-dud in it. The lady that had brought the junk ended up with the ladies blanket that she had brought. So that made her even madder. But all in all it was fun. I have my acting class tonight and so my nights pretty much planed out. Some of the people from the play I was in are in the class so I am not there by myself so it makes it better. School is crazy, I had 4 tests in the last 4 days and am not sure what I got a some of them. On my biology test I got a 89 out of 93 so that was good. In english right now we just read Tuesdays with Morrie. It was okay but the teacher just loves it so we had a 25 page double sided question worksheet that had 25 questions on everyside of all the papers. Then we are watching the movie now. She also gave us this worksheet today. We have to answer the questions like we where Morrie, and its 5 pages long double sided 25 questions on each side and she gave us a night to do it. She is so crazy. For her 9th grade class her required reading is Animal Farm. The next book where reading is something aobut france and some rich lady. Talk about a boring class. Computer class is just the same. Everyday learning how to use microsoft office, not the usefull stuff but stuff like how to change the font color of the text. I am so glad its almost second semester. I cant wait for Drama! The only classes I like are Seminary, Biology and Spanish. Biology is the best class. The teacher is really boring, but he is the best Science Teacher I have ever had. He explains everything clearly and gets to the point. Its funny almost everyone in the class has a C because they dont get the stuff and I think its some of the easiest stuff in the world. maybee because I like that kind of thing. Seminary has been awsome. I have learned alot and the teacher is cool. We have a good time in that class. We have been studying The Book of Mormon this year and we have all been trying to finish the it before the year is out. Because the prophet told us too. I am on 3rd nephi somewhere. In class though where on omni or jacob or mossiah am not sure, but its one of the short books. Well on to a nother subject besides school. I have been listening to music the whole time I have been writing this blog. You know when you listen to music it gives you good ideas on what to write. This is the longest blog I have posted in a fort night. I can’t wait for summer. As much as I like the snow I strongly perfor the presence of summer. It sucks because I wake up and go feed Farley and its 5 outside and its not really weather where you want to play in. I wished we lived in Hawaii. That would be preety cool. We could all live down there.(anyone who reads my blog can come to Hawwaii if they want) I wish that was true. I have been doing alot of reading these last couple of nights. I finshed a book called The Most Evil Dicatators in History. The most evil one was Hitler the Stalin but Sadamm was up there too. It was a good history read. Then I am now starting the Naturlist. Its about a guy who studies biology it should be good. The library at my school is not as good as it could be. There is a lack in fiction books and a abundance of spanish books(books written in spanish, There is a whole Isle) I need more of a selection. I have been thinking of going to the city librart and checking out a few books. But who knows what will hapen. Anythings possible! Well am done for tonight. Ran out of things to write about. Sorry if I bored you to death or you got sick of all my complaning but thats what you do with a blog so deal with it.
Merry Christmas.

The Other Wiseman

So in Seminary today we watched a movie. Intitled The Other Wiseman. It was told to our class that almost every single person that has ever attended Seminary in the last 25-30 years has seen this movie. You maly call it a Seminary pop culture fact if you would like to do so know…………………………………………….And tomorrow we watch Mr. Kruggers Christmas not sure what its about but I will tell you. We where supposed to watch it with the Missionaries who dropped by Wednesday. But tonight I have Acting class so I will not be able to atteeeeeeend. You may notice the accent in attend it is added for better pronuciation of the word. You may also notice the way I use atend in describing ateeeeend. You may also notice that I have to much time on my hands. You may ask why am writing like this the answer is……………….I am extremly bored! Well not much more in Idaho. The snow is still here. It hasnt go above 32 in three weeks so we got that going for us. Although the temperature has alowed for one Farley Farkington the Third a.k.a- Farley the Damn Dog, to sleep inside with me. If none of you know Farley is an outside dog and doesn’t get the freedom to come inside very much. School is ok. For some reson we have two days of school this week, Just Monday and Tuesday. And then Christmas break till January 2nd. I gave my devotional in Seminary today. It was Alma Chapter Seven Verses ten through twelve(Alma 7: 10-12) It speaks of Christ being born. My message was during the Christmas season always remeber Christ and what he has done for us. Never forget the Christ-in Christ-mas. Also don’t forget the Santa-in-mas. I wish all of you folks a great Christmas season and as not to affend anyone I will do as our school does. Happy Hoildays, because We can’t metion Christmas inside the school walls. Have a Merry Christmas Everyone.


What is with food? What is with red? What is with the tuna in the cupboard? What is with garbage men? What is with cars? What is with flags? What is with mexicans? What is with Americans? What is with ghetos? What is with people? What is with Witches? What is with plays? What is with parents? What is with kids? What is with butterflys? What is with henry for a name? What is with pickles? What is with movies?

Hey how are you all doing? Not much going on in Idaho. Its just Idaho. So school has been going good. Lots of work and stuff like that. Christmas break starts next wednesday. I have been doing some acting classes at Lake City Playhouse and they are pretty cool, I am learing alot so far. Well got to go


What is with saying goodbye?

Daily Dogisms

A lonely dog is a dead dog. – Mark Twain.

Dogs listen they don’t talk so how can we punish them if they don’t have a chance to stand up for themsleves.- Bryant Larsen.

One dog = Fun, 2 dogs= a hell of time. President Teddy Rosevelt(about his two hunting dogs, Freddy and Weber)

Put you faith in a dog, he might just lead you somewhere good. Debra Sanzecsky.

Dogs are like people only they have fur. Bryant Larsen

Attack of the Books

I have recently read some good books. Death in Grizzly Maze-The Timothy Treadwell Story, and Tuesdays with Morie. Lets start with Morrie. A required reading for the 10th grade in the state of Idaho. Morrie deals with the life of an old man with ALS. In his finaly months alive he teaches a man by the name of Mitch his view of life. Great book if your in the mood for simple in the fact that the writing is 5th grade level, but very deep in the sense that it focuses on what is important to people and not to others. I give this book a Eight and One Half out of Ten. Death in Grizzly Maze-The Timothy Treadwell Story. What better way to spend your time than sitting in a Grizzly Bear bed and having the Bear no more thatn 10ft away. This was the life for Timothy Treadwell. He believed that the bears understood him and that they thought of him as an equal. But that all ended one cold Alaskan night when Timothy Treadwell and his Girlfriend(Amie) were torn from there tents and eaten alive by a giant Alaskan Grizzly Bear. Althought most of the book covers the fact that Timothy was a complete moron, it is great in the sense that it shows what sort of person Timothy really was. A drug adict in his younger days. Timothy droped the habbit and turned to Grizzly bears. An okay read if your in the mood for a life lesson sort of story(A.K.A. Dont mess with Grizzly Bears) full of interviews with close friends and associates the book at times is dull but its worth a try. I give this book a Seven out of Ten.

So Go ahead and try them for youselfs, Everybody has there own opinions so in the words of Reading Rainbow, “Don’t take my Word for it read it yourself.”