Sleepy Hollow Takes to the Waves

So on Oct. 25 I will be going down to a radio station with four other cast members(Ichabod, Katrina, and two stoytellers) We will be going on the air at 8:20 and be on intell 8:30 and thats a.m. So it will be pretty cool. This is for promotional stuff for the play. We will talk about the play and how everything is going. Last night at practice a guy from the News Paper was there and he shot some photos and asked us our names(Me, Icahbod, and Katrina) so he can put some pics in the paper. I will scan them and post them on my blog soon! I hope you have a spectacular day and remeber, Kill a cat once he comes back kill it 7 more times his lifes are gone.


One thought on “Sleepy Hollow Takes to the Waves”

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