Days off

I have 3 days off for my play. We start acting again on the 3rd of November till the 5th so that will be fun. Yesterday we had a 2:00 o’clock in the afternoon show. It was fun. My dad put some pics on the Larsen Web Sit so check them out. So I will put those pics on the blog too.


Twas The Night Of Opening Night

So Opeing Night was last Night. It went really good only a few lines where missed and nobody messed up. It ended up only lasting about and Hour and a Half(short play) I had tons of fun and so tonigh, tomorrow, and the next is also a play. I will post some pics in the future. Talk to you later.

Opening Night

Tonight is Opening Night of the play. I will take the camera and get some pictures of all the backstage stuff and of all the costumes and makeup stuff. It went pretty good at rehearsal last night but the headless horseman missed his que and came out two minutes late. A scene with Icahbod and me got a little messed because he missed a line. Two of the kids are brothers and their grandmother just passed away so they will have to be gone for a while so I have to take care of their lines with the help of one of the the other kids. I hope it goes well. I will write on how it goes tomorrow and post some pictures.

“There is also the story of the Woman in White she is said to be herd to scream on winters nights having died there in the snow! AWWWWWOHHHH!” Brom Bones at the Van Tassel Party


So a student at my high school has been dignoised with TB(Turburculousis) I am not sure if I spelled that right or not. Anyway, everystudent had to get tested for it. The inject some stuff into your arm and in 3 days if there is swelling then you have it and you go on medication for 6weeks to a year depending how bad you have it. The state declared it a state of emergency(Minor state of emergency) If 10% or more of the school has TB they declare it and outbreak and shut the school down and completley sanatize the whole school and the kids that have it will be sent to th hospital and kept in a sepreat area. Hopefully only the four kids who have it will be the only ones, I will know in 3 days I will let you know. My play starts in 4 days, we had tech rehearsal and full dress is tonight. EVERYONE IS INVITED IF YOU WAN TO COME. It runs Oct. 27- Nov.4 , See Ya there. Peace!

Lines from the Play that you can take in daily life

That fool school master I told him about that brige you’d think someone with that much book learning would be a mite smarter, I suppose you be cryn and goin on for weeks.-Abraham Van Brunt. A.K.A-Brom Bones


Ell Oil just the thing for fashinable hair- Ichabod Crane

My pretty little foot and ankle, the family farm, the ducks and geese, the stuffed pig with onion sauce on the side,-Katrina Van Tassel

Apples! Apples! Juicy Red Apples- Charlote-Story Teller