So as I have found out Sleepy Hollow isnt that sleepy at all no not really. Ghost and Goblins, Witches and Ghoules, Wizards and Cow’s with mad cow disease. This town is full of excitment and lots of laughs, to be honest its not that sleepy of a hollow in my standerds.



Hey so this is cool I have a whole free period because where not doing anything in Computer Class, So I will write more soon.

Brom, Ichabod, Katrina and a Whole Lot-A Dancin

So I had play practice last night, and we all got a supprise. The director had decided to add a dance into the play. So she had a professional dancer lady there. She taught all the other people a little polka town folk dance, and then she had Ichabod and Katrina learn a waltz. I am supposed to copy him in the dance so I grab Katrina and drag her around bow but hit her in the head. Then I step on her foot and stuff. I guess it was a good thing I cant really dance. Will right more later bye.

Peacfull Talk- With Bryant Larsen the Wise

So the days go on and life stands at a still waiting for some more merryment to awaken our lifes and enrichen our souls with fruit cakes and penny whistles so that we may all live in harmony and luxury and never spend a dime to earn a penny. (Or so I heard) Well its been another week of play rehearsal’s, school, Farley, and it seems the responsibility in my life is getting harder to coup with each and every day. From remebering my lines, to adding numbers in an organized but readable way. Yet life is good and enjoyable and very full of merryment and laughter and everthing else filled with sunshine and daises. Because, As the world turns everyday is new and exciting. These truely are the days of our lifes.

The Cast and Crew

Last night was the first meeting for the play. All cast members where measured for costumes and given important information, then the script was read through with each person reading there characters lines. I will kept updating things about the play