Grizzly National Park "I mean Glacier National Park"

We toke a trip to Glacier National Park just a few days ago. That is my Dad and I. We went into West Glacier and stayed at the Avalanche campground because thats the only place you can stay in a National Park is at a campground or if you backpack in. We read on the Internet that you could not take dogs on any of the trails. But I really wanted to take farley so we did. We just left him in the car when we went on the hike we went on. I had a lot of fun and I got to see moutain goats but thats not the best part I saw a pure blood Girzzly Bear, I named him Stewart. We had fun driving over a road called Going to the Sun Road wich is built on the side of a rocky moutain. I have some post cards with some cool pictures so I will post those and I will write more later.


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