Grizzly Winter

The begingings to my Short Story, Please Read And Write Some Comments. I will post each chapter as I write it.

Grizzly Winter
A Short Story By: Bryant Larsen

As fall faded away and the bleakness of winter swept its way into the heart of Montana, stories emerged of a bear who had earned the name of The Man Eater. John Hesston a rancher from the town of Creek Ville, Montana sat in his saddle and hummed softly to himself as he looked out into the Montanan wilderness. He had been keeping a close watch on his cattle lately as a couple of them had been killed by something. “Could ‘ve been a mountain lion maybe even a wolf, but them cattle are to big for them two things en way” said John leaning over and talking to his dog. Farley was a golden retriever and the best dog that John had ever owned. He was Johns only companion on the ranch except for an old barn cat, a few hundred cows and his horse Rusty . John pulled the rains and gave Rusty a little kick and headed down the hill towards his home. Farley followed at Rusty hills and happily wagged his tail, you could tell that this was the only life that any of the three living creatures ever wanted. They walked across the meadow for awhile and then John jumped down off of Rusty and turned him loose. Rusty went running out towards the middle of the field kicking and making noise. “This” thought Rusty “is the only way a man can live” and headed inside to cook up some lunch and give a call to his neighbor to see if he had any livestock gone missing. He fixed up a sandwich and went outside to eat it. Farley came running up and sat in front of him and eyed the sandwich down and licked his lips. John threw him a half of the sandwich. This is way some people said he was skinny not because all he ate was sandwiches but because he gave half of his food to his animals because he was just to kind. After eating he went back inside and called Jack Malden his next door neighbor who lived up the road about twenty or so miles. “Hello…. Hi Jack I was just calling to see if you had any livestock go missing lately……Oh shoot about a week ago I had two horses and about six cows just plain old disappeared……Really I had a couple cows just this week go missin too……I am starting to wonder what it is I mean what could kill so many cattle without being seen…..I don’t know Jake but what ever it is I think I am going to go after it….Well if you end up going give me ring and I’ll come over and give you some help a’l right….See ya later Jake…….Bye. John hung up the phone and went back outside to see how the cattle where doing. He returned home just before dark, snow was starting to fall again and the horse needed to be feed still and by the look on Farley’s face he did too. John feed and watered the animals and as he was heading inside he herd a deep roar and a low rumble of stampeding cattle.


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