Fireworks and Gangs

We went down to the firework show in Couer D’ Alene for the fourth like every year. This year the crowd was posibly larger and a heck of a lot more roudy. After a long walk from the car to the park, we settled ourselfs near a little grove of trees where you could see the darkning sky. And then we waited for the fireworks to begin. Some people come over from Spokane, Wa too so the people you see are a bit on the strange side. My mom got all freaked out because of the “Gangs” which she thought where everywhere. “They are the ones in the white shirts!” So my dad and I joked around and pointed out all the gang members.(everyone wearing a white shirt)My mom started to get freaked out and stressed because there was some black people next to us that kept yelling and setting off firecrackers and talking like a scorpion had hold of their tounge or something. Then the fireworks started we got up and moved a little closer to the sidewalk to see them. It was a good show even though the grand finaly may have had a little malfunction and didn’t set off all the fireworks. Then we started walking back to the car and a high speed pase. We got in the car and headed home and the parents went to bed and so did I and that was the Fourth of July in Hayden, Idaho.

Oh Ya and we had a Barbi-Q at our house with Tasha and all of us and Etnie so that was fun to.


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