The 3rd of July

So Aunt B and Uncky Ben came over to Grandma’s house on the third so Gidian could come and hang out with all of us. The Girls went to the movie and Grandma and B went to eat with Gidian. So that left Marty, Eric, Uncky Ben, and yourstruly to duel it out with pirate ships at the dinning room table. The game was fun and we played a few rounds. Grandma, B and Gidian came home and they had some popers and smokebombs. We all played with those and held the smokebombs in our hands ignited them and let em smoke. Then we decided we wanted more fireworks so Aunt B’ Andra took us to the store. We got like 16 boxes of popers, 9 boxes of sparklers and a few more smokebombs. That still didn’t seem like enough so Marty and I split a box of ten dollar fireworks and went home. We played again with the popers and smokebombs, set off of some parachute things. As it got darker the bigger fireworks began. A few flashers, a couple of small fountains. Some ground blooms and lots and lots of sparklers. We set off all the bigger fountains and saved one that looked cool and that was going to be are grand finaly. So Marty and I both got a match and started the ingnition process the matches touched the fuse and a sparkler took off. We watched as it maglouriously decended down the pole intell it reached the middle where four other poles attached to the middle and all of the sudden the sparkler split into five and the magic began. We all watched in expectation for the bottom of the firework to ignite and as the sparklers came to an end…………….Nothing, they all just stopped. It was just one big fancy sparkler. That was how we spent the 3rd of July in Midway.


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