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Hiking, Swimming, and a Racoon Kiss

My Dad and I went to the St. Joe River over the weekend. We backpacked in a mile and stayed at a quiet little place at the edge of the river bank. My dad headed out fishing while I stayed and swam with my pooch. He enjoyed himsef very much so he, in quoting him “I am rffffff likey it very much rffffff so much, I love sticks, I love bones, I love long walks, I love my kennel it is so cozy and the perfect size for me, Oh this is bullfunky, I am not reading this anymore read it yourself.” Well thats what he said to me anyway. He is kind of geting a little bit of an attitude latley, well I guess thats a teenager for yah. “KIDs” So any ways I swam with farley in the river and had a good old time. Then I got out and decided, hey I’ll start of fire. So that didn’t work out to well and Sir Daddy came to the rescue and got a fire going in no time. Well that was about four o’ clock. So I had to kept getting fire wood and that was a job I tell you what. For din din we had two cans of food. In one was a lovely stew with roasted meat and wholesome taters, and in the the other was a incredible asortment of Pork N’ Beans with a dash of brown sugar. So we ate that and it was the best thing I had every eaten. I said to my dad, “This is the best thing I have ever eaten. And this is what he said, “It because of the Hunger Factor”. So I said, “Well that makes perfect sense, thats why you are the head of this household.” So then we just sat around and then went to sleep. We had two tarps so we laid on them and kept part of the big one out incase it rained(whitch it did, just a little) and went to sleep. Then in the middle of the night I was awaken something walking across the tarp. Well it could be Farley, but wait he is over there, a slight turn, father turns on the flashlight, something scurrys away, the light goes off, to sleep we go, a lick on the hand, Faley, but no he is over there, a racoon. A freaken racoon gave me a kiss in the middle of the gosh forsaken night thats what he did. Then I had trouble sleeping. It could have been the fright of the racoon or the large rock that was under my spine. it turned morning and we got up and cooked a pound of baccon ate that and hiked out, racoon kiss and all.