Day 6 in Utah

It is about 8:00 a.m right now and I just woke up at 7:30 so I thought I would right. Yesterday I spent the day at my Grandma Warren’s house watching movies. I am going on that canyon trip with Ty and Uncle Adam on Thursday. Boden is the cutiest little kid in the whole world or even world’s. He tells you bye and hi and says cheese when you take a picture of him.(He is AWSOME) I have been reading a book called Anne of Green Gabels that my dad gave to me. It’s a big time chick book but its really good reading. I recomened it for anyone who wants some light reading. I am going to start a book review colloum and write about the book’s I recomened and enjoyed I will write my first at the end of this blog. My parents are missing me they call and say they miss me all day.(I miss them too) They called the other day to tell me about my grades for my Freshman year. I had a 3.6, I had 3 A’s and 3 B’s(some b’s are b+) So I had a good Freshaman year. For all my midterms I had lots of B’s and one C in Science but I managed to bring them up for both semesters. The way they get your second semester grade is they take what you got in that class the first semester then what you got second semester times it by five and divide by 100 and you get your grade. They do that for every class. So I was excited I made either the lower half of the top honor role Which is 3.5 to 4.0 but you must have all A’s in that catagoery or the second honor role which is I think 3.5-3.7, but I am not sure. On my Drama final my teacher liked my tech project so much she made me let her keep my poster and she went and copied every page of my folder I had for it. I was the only one to get above a C and I got a 100% plus a little extra credit. I was the only one who did everything that we where supposed to do and do it right. Next year I will be going to Couer D’ Alene High and I want to manage a 4.0 so I am going to work extra hard next year. Well I am done here so how about a book review.
Prey-By:Michael Crichton
Prey is a science fiction novel by Michael Crichton. I am not normaly a big science fiction fan but Michael Chrichton makes his books fun and exciting. He also wrote: Jurassic Park, The Lost World, Eaters of the Dead, State of Fear, The Great Train Robbery, Adranimal Starain, and Congo. He is also the creator of the hit T.V show E.R. Prey is a action adeventure/science fiction story of a compound deep in the desert in Nevada where something around it seems to be killing rabbits and snakes and other animals. It appears something has escaped from the compound and now is becoming smarter and smarter and it looks like the world might be over for humans. So I highly recomend this book.
You can find it at any major bookstore or your local library.
Bryant Clair Larsen: Reviewer of a Book

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