School is Out

I got out of School on the 10th, We had are finals then they let us out of jail for a few months. No its not that bad. I had a good year(although I wasn’t challenged) Made some new friends and learned a few things about surviving in a dangerous place we like to call a HIGH SCHOOL. On the last day of school we had a half day and got out at 11:35 so that was pretty cool. I will not be returning to Post Falls High as I am going to atend Couer D’ Alene High School home of the fighting Vikings. They seem to have a good academic program and a lot of Drama classes so thats a plus. I am now just stuck at home with the parents. Mom works all day so she isn’t here but the other one C.J he stays home. I can’t get a moment of peace with out geting kicked of the T.V or him telling me to stop leaving water bottles around the house. Just like today I was enjoying my show(Star Wars- The Empire Strikes Back) when he came up got on the computer and then came over to the T.V and said “Turn this off” and I said “Why I’ve been watchin it for half the show” and then he said “Its a movie you can watch it some other time.” So I took it out and went down stairs. All in all he isn’t that bad but just the little things can get on your nerves you know. Yah so I am leaving for Utah on Friday at 1:30p.m. and heading to Las Vegas and who knows from there. Grandma and some of us grandkids will be going to the Utah Shakspearian Festival. Altogether we are seeing 6 plays whitch will all be really good. Changing the subject, Summer has been good so far. We got Farley a new Kennel its like 500 bucks but we got it free, its nice. He seems to enjoy it. Oh before I forget, who has any idea where you can get pig half price? No just joking. I am just ranting now so I am going to say Good Day.

Written -By Bryant Larsen
Revised -By My Computer
Distributed- Across The Web
Location -Hayden Idaho
Time -8:33p.m.
Why -Because I Gotta


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