The Buckskin Adventure

The Dive of the Buckskin, Paria River Narrows, and Wire Pass. A journey into the depths of the earth, an adventure of a life time. On June 23, 2005 our journey began. Adam had drove down from Heber to Kanab. Ty and me left from St. Goerge to Kanab at about 9:00 p.m. But before I get that fare I have to go back in time just before we where about to leave. Ty had gone to get his gray truck from the Warren Energy yard and came home. He then realized that the gray truck was not yet insured and so we decided to take his white truck. The battery was not in so good of shape and the transfer case was about to go out. But we decided to head out. We made it to Kanab at about 11:00 p.m. We meet Adam at the Food Town and talked and got water and the local gas station. Adam and Ty where extremely tired and so we got a hotel room. This hotel room was at the Sand and Sun Hotel, lets just say it wasn’t the best hotel in Kanab. We packed our packs in the room the night before and went to sleep.(for olny like 3 hours) We woke up at five in the morning and headed to the trail heads. I fell asleep so I don’t remeber the drive to much. We got to the Whitehouse trail head and left Adam’s truck there, and we all got into Ty’s truck and headed to the Wire Pass trail head. Wire Pass trail head is down a eight mile dirt rode that was completly washboard and bumpy. We got to the parking area in front of the trail head and there was to old men geting ready and a young couple asleep in a tent. We put our packs on and headed out. The first part of the walk is a half mile or so walk in a sandy wash, and then you see it. Wire Pass a two foot wide slot canyon that goes on for a mile and a half. We toke a few pictures and started in. We barley had enough room with are packs on and only in one spot did we half to actually take are packs off and hold them sideways and walk. Wire Pass was the greatest start to any backpacking trip I have ever been on. With 200ft walls and crazy rock formations Wire Pass was the most beautifull places I had ever been. Words can not describe the majesty of the canyon. After exiting Wire Pass you come into the Buckskin a 13 mile dive into the very soul of the earth. An even more beautifull canyon than Wire Pass, Buckskin was the most amazing place in the natural world. This is where we got into the mud. Every five seconds someone would slip and about fall. The water was waist deep in some spots but most was ankle deep. Log jams scatered through out the canyon showed how high the water could get inside during a flash flood. The Buckskin was amazing really it was extremely amazing. Pictures where taken and thoughts where shared as we headed deep into the Buckskin and away from the world we used to know. All through out the Buckskin dead animals every where. Like two dead mice that had fallen and implanted intot he mud and lots of dead birds. We came to a pool of water that looked deep and was. Ty was the first to go in, he took of his pack and stepped in. The water was up to his waist, he turned around and grabed his pack and held it over his head and went across. The Adam went across and Ty came back for my pack and then I crossed. After that we stopped for lunch. We ate one of are M.R.E that Adam had bought a pack of. I had meatloaf that tasted like a cold hotdog, a cracker with jam, and raspberry applesauce. We started once more. This time at a faster pace with the energy form the food. It seemed like tons of hours had gone bye and then foot prints appeared in fornt of us. Some where someone had came down the Middle Pass.(Witch we missed) The we rested and went on for a long time and where waiting for the rock jam that Ty had read about in his book. It said you would need a rope to lower your packs and then use a rope already there to climb down on. It never came it semed like hours and then we came to it. We looked for a while for a way down because the way you where supposed to go down look like a big drop. Ty finaly went down and it was no big deal so we all went down and that was that. We walked on more. Oh before I forget before the rock jam we saw a baby rattlesnack and then a half mile up a huge one that I made us all go fast bye. So back to where I got off on the snakes. We walked another mile and then came to the Paria Narrows canyon. It was cool too. We where so tired theat we did’nt realy care about looking so we walked a little up and found a spot and stoped took off our shoes and then ate food. I got right into my sleeping bag and layed there and never got up for the rest of the night. We all went to sleep and where slepping peacfully when and the sudden Tyrone is screaming and trying to get Adam up. He was yelling they got me and the dead bodies touched me and just screaming. Adam tryed to get up but was still in his bag and kept falling. He tried to get me up but I was so scared I did not say a word or move. Adam finally got him to settle down and try to go to sleep. I could not fall asleep but I finally did. We got up and headed out we had to walk 6 miles and we did it. We got out at 11:37 a.m so that was cool. We got in Adams truck and drove to Ty’s truck and he got in and it didn’t start, he had left the lights on. So we tryed jump starting it and pushing it and all failed so we had to drive to Page, Arizona. We got a battery and lunch and drove back and put the battery in and drove to St. Goerge and that is the end of the adventure of the Buckskin.

Day 6 in Utah

It is about 8:00 a.m right now and I just woke up at 7:30 so I thought I would right. Yesterday I spent the day at my Grandma Warren’s house watching movies. I am going on that canyon trip with Ty and Uncle Adam on Thursday. Boden is the cutiest little kid in the whole world or even world’s. He tells you bye and hi and says cheese when you take a picture of him.(He is AWSOME) I have been reading a book called Anne of Green Gabels that my dad gave to me. It’s a big time chick book but its really good reading. I recomened it for anyone who wants some light reading. I am going to start a book review colloum and write about the book’s I recomened and enjoyed I will write my first at the end of this blog. My parents are missing me they call and say they miss me all day.(I miss them too) They called the other day to tell me about my grades for my Freshman year. I had a 3.6, I had 3 A’s and 3 B’s(some b’s are b+) So I had a good Freshaman year. For all my midterms I had lots of B’s and one C in Science but I managed to bring them up for both semesters. The way they get your second semester grade is they take what you got in that class the first semester then what you got second semester times it by five and divide by 100 and you get your grade. They do that for every class. So I was excited I made either the lower half of the top honor role Which is 3.5 to 4.0 but you must have all A’s in that catagoery or the second honor role which is I think 3.5-3.7, but I am not sure. On my Drama final my teacher liked my tech project so much she made me let her keep my poster and she went and copied every page of my folder I had for it. I was the only one to get above a C and I got a 100% plus a little extra credit. I was the only one who did everything that we where supposed to do and do it right. Next year I will be going to Couer D’ Alene High and I want to manage a 4.0 so I am going to work extra hard next year. Well I am done here so how about a book review.
Prey-By:Michael Crichton
Prey is a science fiction novel by Michael Crichton. I am not normaly a big science fiction fan but Michael Chrichton makes his books fun and exciting. He also wrote: Jurassic Park, The Lost World, Eaters of the Dead, State of Fear, The Great Train Robbery, Adranimal Starain, and Congo. He is also the creator of the hit T.V show E.R. Prey is a action adeventure/science fiction story of a compound deep in the desert in Nevada where something around it seems to be killing rabbits and snakes and other animals. It appears something has escaped from the compound and now is becoming smarter and smarter and it looks like the world might be over for humans. So I highly recomend this book.
You can find it at any major bookstore or your local library.
Bryant Clair Larsen: Reviewer of a Book

I am in Utah

So I have been in Utah now for four days. Not much is diffrent. I am having a blast with the families(Larsen’s and warrren’s) and camping and such and watching the plethra of movies at my Grandam Warren’s house and so forth. I am really excited to be going to the Shakespear Festival, I am having second thoughts about the canyon trip with Ty but I am going anyway. I miss my my Dog Farley(no offense Mom and Dad I miss you to) I will continue writing on a weekly basses or a daily I haven’s decided. I will be seeing lots of some you soon.

Signed Boo of Hayden

Daily Dogisms

I miss the wagging of his little tail; I miss the plaintive wail; I miss the wistful loving glance; I miss the circling welcome dance. (I miss my Puppy becacuse I am in Utah)
From the dog’s point of view, his master is and elongated and abnormally cuning dog.- Mabe Lousie Robinson
Dog does not eat dog.-Juvenal

School is Out

I got out of School on the 10th, We had are finals then they let us out of jail for a few months. No its not that bad. I had a good year(although I wasn’t challenged) Made some new friends and learned a few things about surviving in a dangerous place we like to call a HIGH SCHOOL. On the last day of school we had a half day and got out at 11:35 so that was pretty cool. I will not be returning to Post Falls High as I am going to atend Couer D’ Alene High School home of the fighting Vikings. They seem to have a good academic program and a lot of Drama classes so thats a plus. I am now just stuck at home with the parents. Mom works all day so she isn’t here but the other one C.J he stays home. I can’t get a moment of peace with out geting kicked of the T.V or him telling me to stop leaving water bottles around the house. Just like today I was enjoying my show(Star Wars- The Empire Strikes Back) when he came up got on the computer and then came over to the T.V and said “Turn this off” and I said “Why I’ve been watchin it for half the show” and then he said “Its a movie you can watch it some other time.” So I took it out and went down stairs. All in all he isn’t that bad but just the little things can get on your nerves you know. Yah so I am leaving for Utah on Friday at 1:30p.m. and heading to Las Vegas and who knows from there. Grandma and some of us grandkids will be going to the Utah Shakspearian Festival. Altogether we are seeing 6 plays whitch will all be really good. Changing the subject, Summer has been good so far. We got Farley a new Kennel its like 500 bucks but we got it free, its nice. He seems to enjoy it. Oh before I forget, who has any idea where you can get pig half price? No just joking. I am just ranting now so I am going to say Good Day.

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