My Birthday May,20,2005

I am 15 and nothin really seems to diffrent, I still can not drive or pay the bills or smoke cigars.(Well if I wanted to smoke cigars) Yep if i could drive right now I would be FREEWHEELIN AT 15 and that would be prety sweat, so much so it would be freakin sweat!!!(Quoth the the guy off of Family Guy) I had a good B-Day couldn’t complain woke up, complained about going to school, stayed home, watched some tele then went to spokane, then came home went to Del Ore’ Casbanca or was it Ore’ De Becasa or even Tascan Del Ore’ I am not so sure it was french so I couldn’t really tell. I got alot of cool stuff like: stage makup for drama, dog book, video game, movie, Phantom of the Opera- Sheet Music(From Grandma)and the Movie, and a awsome balloon. So it was pretty much a good day if you don’t count the dude at the mexican restraunt puting a mexican sun hat(or as the natives call a sombrero) on my head and waved around a clacker and gave me deep fried ice cream and sang happy B-Day in spanish and English and well who I am kidding I loved it, it was one of the greatest moments of my life( Well if you don’t count that time I saw the Oscar Myer Hot Dog Car go by that was incredible)We then went bowling wich I won every game and had some cheescake. But to some it all up. Birthday fun , many presents, spokane, mexicans, bowling, cheesecake, and a whole lot of phone calls from loving family members.

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