The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe

So it seems like I have nothing to wear latley its kinda hecktick in the morning trying to find what I want to wear. Should I go with the khaki pants and the hawaiian print t-shirt, or the navy blue jeans and the name brand knit shirt? Then I finally find what I want to wear and oh snap there is another pair of something that I like better. So I put that on, and cinammon and gravy there is another shirt I like even better. So the cruel joke goes on untell I have a few minutes left to feed the dog brush my teeth comb my hair.(which I can never get looking good)Then I am off to school for a fun field day of math, history, mass media, and science. Then come the next day and here we go again. Its like a witch has put a spell on my closet so it will not show the clothes I want intell the last second. I have a pair of pants I really like but the bottoms gat ripped, it looks like a lion got at them. To tell you all the truth I would say that my Wardrobe is not that important. I should have not have wrote this blog because, who cares? I shore as heck dont!


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