Farley and Bath Time

So I gave Farley a bath and a comb down just the other day, boy was that a mistake. Took me nearly 2 hours, he smelled bad and sheded like a persian rug. First I took the hose and sprayed him down and he hated that. Then I put soap in his hair and washed that out and then the hair started to fall out. I was covered in dog hair from shoulder to knees and then I let him air dry a bit. So after he was a little dry I started to comb him. After 3 strokes of the brush I had a pound of dog hair, it was horable(at least the hair smelt better because of the shampoo)and really cool at the same time because there was so much hair it was really wierd. So I put his hair in baggy and showed it to my parents and I am going to get a pic of it and have Gramps put it on the Web Page. Boy Farley is one crazy dog with a side salad of wierd.


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