Kids Grow up Fast

Yesterday was Farley’s 1st Birthday,Its wierd It just seems like yesterday he was a little puppy all cute and snuggley. Kids grow up fast dont they? I mean a year all ready next he will be wearin doggy diapers and lounging in the yard with no cares in the world. So for his Bee Day I got him a rubber tug o’ war toy. I was going to make him a cake but I was sick so I didn’t. He didn’t seem to care so it was all good. Yes he turned one on May-2-2005. My babies all grown up. So I will be turning 15 on May-20-2005, and this is what my parents had to say about that. “He is so much taller than us and so much better looking than any other person in the whole world and he smells like rosses too” said Clair Larsen. “A whole 15 years old, wow he is almost out of are hair FINALY NO MORE KIDS” said Lisa Larsen. No they really didn;t say that but thats what they are thinkin I can fill it. They look at me and give this little half smile and raise their eyebrows and then sometimes glare or blink or even start to grin. I will be glad when I move out to Geeze La Weez. Ok They dont do that at all but I know, I know.


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