Crazy Day

What a day!!!! What a day!!!!! What a day!!!!!WWWWWWHHHHHHHAAAATTTTT AAA DDDDDAAAYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I am in My fith period class and the bell rings and we go to go out and the door will not open, thats right it was stuck like the sword in the stone. My teacher starts baging on the door and yelling. The out of no were this stupid kid goes runing full speed right into the door and hits it and goes flying back. Scared the teacher half to death! Finally someone noticed. but there was a catch the doors are sound proof. So she starts yelling at the top of her lungs “THE DOOR IS LOCKED WE CAN NOT GET OUT GO TELL THE OFFICE WERE STUCK HELP HELP HELP” Then the janitor came and couldnt get the door open so he yells. ” IAM CALLING THE LOCKSMITH SOMETHINGS WRONG WITH THE LOCK.” No somethings wrong with the lock I would have never guessed. So about a half hour later the janitor comes back and says “THE LOCKSMITH IS GOING TO BE HERE IN 25 MINUTES” Oh great another 25 minutes. When the lock smith finally gets there he messes with it for another 10 minutes. The bell was about to ring for the end of the day we had been if 5th hour for 2 and a half hours. He gets it open and the bell rings and I go home. When I am at and I am eating dinner and a hornet stings me threw two shirts and it hurt and that was my day.


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