Special Effects

Today in Drama we learned how to do speceial effects makeup, I got a beard, road rash, cut, burn, mole, and bullet wound. They were all really cool if i get the stuff I can make it all now. My favourite one was the road rash it was cool. All you do is take steel wool and put a redish brown makeup dust stuff on it and make streks across the skin. Then we did a bullet wound you take liquid latex then put it on the skin then take putty and build up the sides then put more latex over that and then after it drys put black in the center and pinkish stuff on the outside then put stage blood in it. It all looks really cool. The Beard was easy too all you do is take steel wool and use the same makeup as the road rash and then blot it on your face and you get the beard effect. The burn was harder you had to put the liquid latex on you skin then put cotton on top of that then cover that with latex then put to more layers of latex then let it dry, then you out yellow makeup on it and add black and brown patches then dust it with red with a brush then you take the steel wool and dip it in stage blood and blot over that.(it really looks like a burn)It was really fun and easy to do so maybe I can teach some of you. (it would be fun for cousin week or something) Oh ya before I forget the lady that came to help teach us made her face into a cat it looked exactly like one, and she then made some of the kids into a mime which was cool to. Special Effects are awsome.


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