Ghost in the Darkness

Last night at about 3:50 in the morning Farley started to bark. I could hear something outside my window. The house is being painted so right under my window is a whole bunch of ladders. Well all the sudden all the laders made a crashing sound, and then something made a wierd grunt like it had fallen and the Farley freaked out and was barking and howling. Then what ever it was just ran away. I was so scared that I couldn’t get out of bed to get my dad. So I layed there for an hour then fell asleep. I just got up so when I get dressed I am going to go outside and look for footprints, or dropings(if its an animal)and then I am going to do whatever today , because I am on spring break OH YA!!!!!!!!!!! MY DAD’S THE MAYOR OH YA OH YA. I am Bryant Larsen saying stay sassy America.


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