Well life continues here in Hayden Idaho, Farley gettin out of his kennel. Rain, Snow, hail, sunshine all at the same time. Lifes good and I hope it kept going on like this.The whole Family went to the Dermatologist today I got treatment for some acne, while the folks got skin burned off. The Doc. was nice and all but I felt a little uncomfortable with her talking to me and stuff, well it wasn’t that bad. Ok it was fine she was real nice and the experience was great, ok it was not great it was more educational. I have decided what I am going to be when I grow up! Well you see I like the medicine field (looks FANTASTIC) but I got a problem. I don’t like people, so what was my soulution? Well You see I like animals.(they can’t talk to you and if they smell well, their animals there supposed to stink) So I have decided to become a Vetrinarian. I can imagine it now. Bryant Clair Larsen-Vetrinarian helper of the little guys. Well thats just how I see it.


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