Ok lets get to buisness

I just woke up a while ago because my stupid dog(or mutt if you will) kept breaking chanins and his fence and getting out. He actually breaks the chainlink and crawls through it. Well the new house is great I am still going to Post Falls High but might switch to Couer D’ Lane( I dont know how to spell that) Well I am going to be turnig 15 in a few months then I will leave the nest and be off on my own. Well not exactly on my own I will still be living at the folks house but I have my own wing of the house and its all mine, mine I tell ya. I going to Utah for the Summer againg and its off to the Shakespear Festival. Last year Festival was awsome and I hope it will be the same or even better(MARTY LARSEN YOU SHOULD COME IT WILL BE FUN) or even ten times better. Schools going good but duo to mess ups with the schools computer at the first of the year I got put in the easiest math class where doing like sixth grade math and the teacher on one of the test marked me down 20 points because a reduced the fractions.(She is wierd like that if she doesnt tell ya to do it dont do or she will mark you down 20 points) Her name is Mrs. Schmidt but I call her Mrs. Schmidty because it sounds better well got to get off to the shower because last night I was visited by the Hair Fairy.


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