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Daily Dogisms

Dogs, Love ’em or leash ’em

A Good Dog Deserves A Good Bone- U.S. Proverb

Puppies Are Nature’s Remedy For Feeling Unloved…Plus Numerous Other Ailments Of Life. -Richard Allan Palm

Iam A Hurtan

So I went to the Strong Class last night and guess what. My muscles are soar. Ican barly lift my arms and legs. It hurst really bad. Well its not the worst pain in the world I guess it could be worse. I will be going next monday and I will probably die of muscle pain. It was realy fun. YOU SHOULD TRY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Had a fun day today, did nothing much but me and my mom went to a strong class at the gym. Well you do weight lifting and aerobics all mixed for and hour. It was fun and all but the back of my calfs really hurt. I am going again monday it will be freakin awesome. Well Farley is doing good. We went for a walk and he was so happy he would sit down and then jump up as fast as he could and then wag his little tail. Idaho old sweet Idaho hasn’t done me wrong yet. I bit my tounge just right know, it hurt.(OUCH) I have a quote for you and will have one everyday from know on. “The dog has and enviable mind; it remebers the nice things in life and quickly blots out the nasty.”Barbara Woodhouse. Words Spoken so many years ago are as true as they were back then.

Ghost in the Darkness

Last night at about 3:50 in the morning Farley started to bark. I could hear something outside my window. The house is being painted so right under my window is a whole bunch of ladders. Well all the sudden all the laders made a crashing sound, and then something made a wierd grunt like it had fallen and the Farley freaked out and was barking and howling. Then what ever it was just ran away. I was so scared that I couldn’t get out of bed to get my dad. So I layed there for an hour then fell asleep. I just got up so when I get dressed I am going to go outside and look for footprints, or dropings(if its an animal)and then I am going to do whatever today , because I am on spring break OH YA!!!!!!!!!!! MY DAD’S THE MAYOR OH YA OH YA. I am Bryant Larsen saying stay sassy America.

Well life continues here in Hayden Idaho, Farley gettin out of his kennel. Rain, Snow, hail, sunshine all at the same time. Lifes good and I hope it kept going on like this.The whole Family went to the Dermatologist today I got treatment for some acne, while the folks got skin burned off. The Doc. was nice and all but I felt a little uncomfortable with her talking to me and stuff, well it wasn’t that bad. Ok it was fine she was real nice and the experience was great, ok it was not great it was more educational. I have decided what I am going to be when I grow up! Well you see I like the medicine field (looks FANTASTIC) but I got a problem. I don’t like people, so what was my soulution? Well You see I like animals.(they can’t talk to you and if they smell well, their animals there supposed to stink) So I have decided to become a Vetrinarian. I can imagine it now. Bryant Clair Larsen-Vetrinarian helper of the little guys. Well thats just how I see it.